Why Use Third-Party VoIP Monitoring

call monitoringRegardless of where your business is in terms of size, status and success, or what industry you belong to, if you use VoIP, you should also use VoIP monitoring services.

By monitoring service, we don’t mean the one-off tests that you can do with one of those online applet testing free services. Monitoring means persistent call and network testing 24/7/365 that provides you with an accurate profile of how your network and VoIP service perform.

This performance profile is a good basis of assessment. You can pinpoint problem areas and service periods that experience dips in performance quality. Issues can then be addressed promptly without disruption to business operations.

So, because of how crucial business communications is to your success, you need to stay on top of your VoIP through call monitoring. The question now is how you do it. Are you going to set up something internally through downloadable software or those “heavy duty” ones that are designed for big businesses with multiple offices and locations? Or, are you looking for something hosted and managed by a third party that’s online, easy to manage and set up?

One of the best options for business VoIP users is VoIP Spear, a global VoIP monitoring company with testing services in key cities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. If you are looking for a third-party service provider with a reputation in the VoIP industry that’s hard to beat, they are the company to work with!

No Experts and Hardware Needed
The primary reason to use the services of a third-party VoIP testing company is the ease of starting your service monitoring. This makes a huge difference and not just in terms of convenience.

Regardless of your industry, you would want to be fully operational and available as soon as possible. In-house monitoring is always the more complicated set-up. Even when you have a ready team of IT managers, implementation will take at least a week. Are you ready to go unmonitored within that period?

You really can’t be too careful these days. VoIP – while it is probably the most effective and affordable business communications options – opens up your network and systems to a few security issues. As in all things digital, VoIP is voice data, which travels through network and can be compromised. It is information that may be retrieved by malicious parties. It is also a way to infiltrate a larger pool of data, including access information.

The performance profile that comes with your VoIP monitoring will let you know if there are suspicious segments, which may be indicative of security attacks. It is best to have it in place before full-on business operation.

Focused Operations

But, once you do get started with business VoIP, you’ll find that there are extra funds to go around. Savings from VoIP are top motivations for making the digital switch. After your initial investment in the required technology or an account with a cloud hosted provider, you can enjoy decreased communications spending. Savings can be funneled to other crucial components of the business.

For VoIP Service Providers
Businesses that use VoIP as their main communications channel are not the only ones that can greatly benefit from third-party call testing. Service providers are some of the most avid users of third-party monitoring services.

While many of these operators are already running a form of call monitoring or two, an external service adds a layer of quality control, where endpoints are tested from different servers, instead of just a few internally managed ones.

The best third-party VoIP monitoring option is one that has strategically located testing servers, such as VoIP Spear. This way, regardless of where your customers are call from or to, the provider can accurately assess the service that they provide.

Monitor Without Hassle
Arguably, it is an option to set up monitoring on your own. You can choose from several software out there and install this in your testing server. The problem with this approach is that, in order to come up with accurate performance profiles, you need more than one testing server. Plus, if you have remote offices outside the region, you need to install a system for each one. The costs add up – regardless of how big you are.

The best solution really is a VoIP monitoring service provider, such as VoIP Spear. Regardless of the size of your organization, where you are in the globe, and how detailed your VoIP reporting requirements are, VoIP Spear can see to your needs. Its regular plans are perfect for residential and small- to medium-scale businesses. Big businesses, VoIP service providers and carriers have more fitting options within the carrier plans.

Start monitoring your VoIP at a click of a button. With VoIP Spear, you don’t need to install, maintain and upgrade your call monitoring. Get regular reports and to-the-minute alerts; and stay on top of your communications system. Sign up for an account today: http://voipspear.com/


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